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FOREXer Academy is a comprehensive accredited financial trading academy that has utilized holistic mentoring approaches for novice and experienced traders with in-depth courses, live webinars, professional trading tools, and on-demand professional mentoring in an immersive trading experience.

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      Accredited trading courses

FXer Fast Track

Duration: 24 hrs
Prerequisites: None
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FXer Advance Track

Duration: 56 hrs
Prerequisites: FXer Fast Track
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FXer Strategy Track

Duration: 120 hrs
Prerequisites: FXer Fast & Advance Track
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FXer Expert Track

Duration: 120 hrs
Prerequisites: FXer Fast, Advance & Strategy Track
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Accredited certification

FXer Fast Track certification
Exam deadline: 2 months

FXer Advance Track certification
Exam deadline: 2 months

FXer Fast Sterategy certification
Exam deadline: 2 months

FXer Expert Track License
License expiration: 6 months

FXers academy aims to certify ready-to-perform traders through bespoke trading with guided mentoring and a real market environment for students to maximise trading opportunities with fundamental and practical skills.

Personalised trading mentor for all trading levels

Extensive educational resources

Access to real-time and simulated markets

Interact with our global online community

Since its establishment in 2005, FOREXer academy has optimised the real trading experience through high-quality mentoring, understanding the fundamental and technical analysis, and in doing so ensuring our students' success as FOREXer-certified traders (FXCT). Traders can access live sessions with professional mentors and in-class trading tools to reinforce effective learning.

  • Ten years of precise market analysis
  • Analysis of human behaviors during trading
  • Inventing a unique program

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Yes, our program is designed for new traders to gain the confidence to begin using fundamental and technical analysis for trading Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Options, and Indices - while understanding the major risks involved. 

Anyone over the age of 18 is able to participate in the courses and be issued an accredited certificate. 

Yes, our FXer Fast Track course is a crash course in the basics you need to know

Forex, also known as foreign exchange or currency trading, is the act of buying one currency and simultaneously selling another. A forex trader speculates on the future direction of currency exchange rates in order to make a profit.

Forexer means Forex Trader.

Demo accounts differ greatly from live trading accounts in that there is no capital at risk. Demo/practice accounts are a key part of Forexer's educational program. Practice accounts allow you to become familiar with the tools and features of trading platforms so that you can practice forex trading strategies without risking any real money.